Accountability within CVI²

Revised 28 January 2007

CVI² directors and associates are neither employees nor members of the corporation, rather they work as independent contractors. Nevertheless, both directors and associates remain accountable to God, to each other, and to society for their ethics, their efforts and their finances.

Biblical accountability
  • Directors seek to love, care, trust, facilitate, enable and serve their fellow associates, identifying with their personal struggles, service aspirations and personal needs.
  • Directors correspond with associates and many associates one with another, providing prayer, encouragement and counsel.
  • Directors apply biblical procedures when a bad report is received about an associate.
  • Directors do not exercise religious or ecclesial authority over associates.
Legal accountability
  • CVI² is a registered charity in Oregon State and has a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Directors review and ensure the agency's and associates' compliance with applicable government regulations.
  • Directors submit detailed annual reports of associates' activities and finances, to governing State and Federal agencies.
  • Directors counsel and advise associates on legal matters related to their CVI²-approved projects.
Ethical accountability
  • An independent advisory board (names available upon request) monitors CVI² operations.
  • Directors and applicants sign binding statements regarding legal relationships, service ethics, conflict of interest and personal morality.
  • Directors are themselves chosen from amongst associates and remain subject to the same procedures and standards.
  • Directors gladly hear and discuss donors' queries and concerns.
Procedural accountability
  • Only mature adults with appropriate training and several years of service experience are welcome to apply for CVI²association, and applicants must be recommended by a current CVI²associate.
  • Directors review associates' over-all service activities, documentation and plans, programs and projects, and approve programs and projects for funding through CVI².
  • Directors and associates review, evaluate and approve all associates' quarterly reports, noting their progress, plans, needs, encouragements and discouragements.
  • Directors visit associates in the field when practical.
Financial accountability
  • Checks and balances are implemented in all fund receiving, book-keeping, processing and disbursing.
  • CVI² book-keepers, not directors, receive, receipt, deposit, and disburse all contributions to associates' accounts.
  • A ceiling is set on funds disbursed to each associate, and directors review monthly reports of associates' CVI² receipts and CVI²-related disbursements.
  • CVI² book-keepers keep timely, accurate financial records, and issue electronic and printed reports of all transactions.