Associate with CVI2

To apply to become a CVI² associate, follow these steps:

  1. View all of this website, reading the content under each menu item.

  2. Pay special attention to menu Associate > Association Fit

  3. Go to menu Documents > Downloads and preview our documents.

  4. Go to menu Documents > Policies and preview our policies.

  5. View and Downloads document 11 "Application Guide".

  6. Contact CVI² co-director, Dr. Richard Reves, via menu Contact us or

  7. Download, print out and fill in documents 08, 13 and 15. Sign 08 and 15. Mail these to Community Vision, P.O. Box 33286, Portland OR 97292 USA.

  8. Prepare or fill in all the other documents specified in document 03, and mail them to the same address, or scan them and send them as e-mail attachments.

Please, visit our Documents page.