CVI² a good fit?

The points below try to express some of the values that CVI² associates share,
and signal some issues on which a few have found CVI² a disappointment.
You may find yourself somewhere between the extremes, and the CVI²
directors remain available to discuss with you any of these points.
Revised 29 July 2013

CVI² could be a good fit for me, if…

CVI² would be a bad fit for me, if…

I need an agency, and agree with CVI’s values, vision, mission, style, focus, desired outcomes, activities and statement of faith.

I need an agency, but I do not agree with CVI’s values, vision, mission, style, focus, desired outcomes, activities or statement of faith.

Others respect my current charitable work, and they recommended CVI² as an agency to work under.

I feel so ready for this; surely it will get me needed attention, support and freedom to do things my way.

My charitable work fulfills my own vision, and others are willing to support me in it.

Another organization has offered me a job, and I have to raise my own financial support.

My charitable work seeks to transform a community or social group.

My charitable work is pretty-much limited to one or two individuals and their personal growth.

I want to be part of an informal service network in which I and others share ideas, prayers, resources, finances, or other help.

My interest in associating with CVI² would be to receive the most service at the lowest cost, since CVI² exists for me.

I have been doing this charitable community transformation work for some time, and I now need legal, ethical and financial accountability.

I will start my new charitable, community transformation work, after I have enough money coming in.

I resigned or retired from an entity; I still have plenty to offer, and I want to continue doing community transformation work.

I resigned or retired from an organization; now I want to relax and enjoy my life's gains.

I seek to comply with my home and host countries’ laws and regulations.

Government regulations do not apply to me or to my affairs.

I realize that CVI² must apply its policies to me and to others equally, and it does so for good reasons.

I do not need anybody else's policies or rules to guide my choices; I will work around them.

I would welcome professional advice and counsel from CVI² associates.

I do not need advice or counsel from CVI² or from its associates.

I deserve nothing of what I receive by others' generosity.

I deserve others' money, and others should be giving me more.

I have learned to adjust my needs to my resources.

I expect to maintain the comfortable standard of living that I consider normal.

My past errors were partly due to my own stubbornness, and I suffered less than I deserved.

I quit my agency or divorced my spouse because we were a bad match.

I focus mainly on serving my community, including contributors, within the means I have.

I must give considerable attention and time to raising funds to cover my financial and ministry needs.

I left a previous agency, because both it and I made some mistakes that I believe I can avoid in the future.

I left a previous agency, because others just had it in for me; there is nothing wrong with me.

I recognize that I am just one among many in a complex world, so my work is focused and limited.

My vision is to reach everybody with my programme.

I recognize the value of written mission, vision, goals, plans, and reports, and so I keep mine up do date.

I do not need a written mission, vision or goal statement; what I do is no one else's business.

I realize that my work needs occasional evaluation, so I welcome helpful critique.

It is clear to me what others are supposed to do, and I tell them.

I do not expect CVI² to raise funds for me, to obtain grants for my work, or to exempt me from its fees.

I expect CVI² to raise funds for me, to find grants for me, or to exempt me from its fees.

I am a self-starter; I know my purpose, how to plan and initiate projects, and how to carry through.

I need to be part of a team with a leader who can keep me focused and motivated.

My family and I have learned to live within our means, variable as those may prove.

I depend on a steady, regular income to meet my family's survival needs.

I have learned not to express my anger.

Others know about my keen sense of justice by my angry outbursts.

I have found ways to avoid legal, moral, financial or relationship failures.

I struggle with chronic legal, moral, financial or relationship failures.