Relief & Rehabilitation

Channeling contributions, through CVI² associates, to trusted relief workers in disaster-struck communities, to bring immediate relief and short-term rehabilitation in view of long-term transformation goals.

Program designation:  Global Relief & Rehabilitation Initiative, code P077GRRI


Where disasters strike communities leading to hunger, disease and criminal attack, Community Vision associates are sometimes involved, or they know trusted Christian workers who are involved. Since CVI² does no systematic fund raising, has no ensured source of funds, and has no structure for sustaining long-term assistance, this initiative, channels freely-donated contributions, through CVI² associates, to relief workers, in disaster-struck communities, that meet the following criteria, conditions and limitations.


1. The need is actual: A community has suffered a recent, verifiable disaster, known to CVI2 through news media and associates' reports.

2. The need is urgent: Community members are suffering hunger, thirst, disease, persecution or criminal attack because of loss of food, clean water, medical care and police security.

3. Christians can help: Trusted Christians involved with the community are able to bring immediate, short-term relief, whether they be local residents or those who are able to travel into the area from outside.


1. An associate requests help: A CVI² associate requests money or resources from the fund initiative and will be responsible to get the contributions to trusted Christians who will use them for disaster relief or rehabilitation.

2. Accountability is expected: Trusted Christians agree to acknowledge receipt of the contributions and to report to the associate on how the contributions were used. In turn, the associate reports to CVI2 on how the contributions were used. If requested and when able, CVI2 will report to contributors on the contributions use.

3. Help is secret. Jesus commanded that his followers give secretly. Thus, neither CVI2 nor its associates seeks or expects recognition or thanks.

4. Honor goes to Jesus Christ. Trusted Christians distributing aid have personal freedom to mention the name of Jesus to those whom they serve from this fund.


1. Resources are available. CVI² will not borrow money or other resources. CVI2 will not remove money from associates' accounts without their specific request.

2. It is a community need. CVI² associates who assist individuals in non disaster situations do not draw on this Initiative and Account.

3. It is short term. Long-term community development and transformation are conducted through means other than this Initiative and Account.

4. Monies requested for a particular disaster may not exceed $1000 in a given month, without directors' approval.

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Ukraine Relief (P077GRRI-UR)

Global Relief and Rehabilitation (P077GRRI)